You can't go around fixin' problems, when you aren't quite fixed yourself.

You can’t go around fixin’ problems when you aren’t quite fixed yourself,
he said: Sooner or later everything you have ever built

I could tell he knew what he was talking about by the way he held his hammer,
like my attention… Beaten to death.
I can’t focus on these broken homes “Mr. Fix Everything”
So give me a break…
Or give me understanding.
Cut me out
or glue me in.

They say “home is where the heart is”
when I can’t find your love it leaves us both homeless.
I cut, collected and counted the days that passed after you left.
That’s 7,665 days
183,960 hours.
I keep them all right here… In my heart.

I’m using them to build us a castle in the sky.
So, bring yourself
bring your love
and come on up.

I’m not quite fixed, but I’m working on my problems.
The foundation is set, our love isn’t fully built
Here yet but… Pop’s I want you to know.

I’ve attached a rope from our roof to the sun.
So when everything I have ever built comes crashing down.
We can let it all fall...
And keep our love from ever hitting the ground.

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This Poems Story

I would like to say I wrote this poem but it was the poem that more or less wrote itself. sometimes the hand moves faster than the mind :)