You can\’t have it all

Seasons comes and go
starting with summers, winters and fall,
It's a women who does everything
But gets to hear u did nothing at all.
Be a mother, sister, wife or granny,
She is the one spending her heart as penny
From dusk to dawn standing on her toes
She is a multitasker, a manager who knows
Who likes what, who wants what
Though she is considered weak
Yet she stands strongest of the all..
The world has to change to see the real her,
If we want to bring down the crime number
Since it's only she who brings us all
Together as a family or as a new born.
No one is perfect but all are good in their own way,
Then why she has to be the one to slay!
Women is an ocean of love and care
Let's dive deep into it and learn to share
Give them what they deserve truly
If not all at least something honestly and wholeheartedly.

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