you cant hurt me anymore.

You told me to be quiet,
As you began doing things
Only a lover should.
You were not my lover.

I didn't feel safe
as you Put your hand
around my mouth.

I wasn’t okay, i told you to stop
While you continued

You were a monster
Disguised as a teenager.
You made me think you were a
Good guy.

Now the pain i hold,
The anger i feel
Because of you
Will never go away

You didn't even know my
Favorite color
You only knew me for
Rumors about me
that you believed.

But because of your
The pain didn't stop after you
Having to relive that
Moment when kids
At school would
Ask me.

The threats that
Came with what
YOU did
Came to me not

You got praised
Because you didn’t tell
The whole story

What would the world say?
If they knew what
Actually happened

All i know is maybe it
Would protect another girl
From being destroyed by you.

Im done being quiet
Im done holding in the anger
Im done covering for you

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