You Can’t Keep Me Down

I'm tired of it all
I'm tired of being hurt
I'm tired of people underestimating me and treating me like dirt.
They expect me to respect them
They expect me to be kind
But every time I do they take advantage and make me lose my mind.
You just don't understand what it's like
To have gone through what I've been through.
I've been bruised and battered and pushed
I've been shattered down mentally, physically, and emotionally.
I've been taken for granted and shot down aimlessly.
I am strong and proud, because nothing can keep me down.
I look forward to the challenges thrown at me.
I face them head on, ready for anything.
That doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt,
People trying to shoot down the best in me,
Trying to change me and divert me from my destiny.
I now realize what someone told me,
And I will take that lesson to heart, trust me.
I dare you to try knocking me down one more time.
You won't succeed, for there is bright flaming fire
That's burning deep within my eyes.

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