You Climbed my Walls

I've never let anyone in again,
After everything my heart has been dragged through,
I tried to block you out,
But you wouldn't allow me to

You risked the fall,
Just to climb my walls,

I couldn't believe it,
You didn't break them down,
You climbed all the way to the top,
The key to my secrets you found

I opened up to you,
Like an open book,
Never second guessing,
Never taking another look

How could I trust someone with this much of me,
I guess it's just that with you I feel so free

It terrifies me,
You made me feel so much,
All the emotions I tried to push away,
They came back in a rush

At the end of the day,
You keep me together,
You make me smile on bad days,
You're my sunshine during the bad weather

Made me feel again,
Made me trust again,
Made me love again,
All things I never thought would happen

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