You Could

You could joke about me having cheaper clothes or shoes
You could laugh at me because I study hard if you chose
You could badger me because I like to listen to rap, rock, or pop
You could poke at me because of my religion and never stop
You could hate me because I attracted to the same sex or both
You could point at me because my short and stunted growth
You could make jabs about me being just way to freaking tall
You could oink at me because I am bigger than most of all
You could lie about me and spread something that is untrue
You could hackle at me because I can’t afford everything new
You could make gags about a disease I have that makes me look unique
You could prank me because you think I am fragile and weak
You could snicker at me because it’s hard for me to learn
You could giggle about me being foreign and should return
You could beat me just simply because I am just different from you
But this is who I am and being me is what I will forever do
Bullying is not funny and it hurts then and now
It is something that not one person should allow
The truth is people bully not because of pride
But because a secret about themselves they want to hide

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