You Did It to Yourself

The drugs make you feel good right?
Until you end up all by yourself at night.
They make you feel like you can do it all,
Until you come down off the high and realize your world began to fall
They are the demons that eat you up.
They make you turn on your family, now lets see who's tough.
It destroys good people, It makes them someone who no one knows,
Is that how you want your life to go?
They will drain you, take all your freedom away.
Do you want to live in an isolated and cold jail cell everyday?
Take peoples advice and just get help.
Do not sit back and whine and yelp.
You did this to yourself, we all tried.
We talked to you, saved you, and even cried.
What else is it going to take for you to change the way you act?
Your time is getting closer and unfortunately that's a dead cold fact.

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