You Don’t Know Me

“Hi, you don’t know me
but I think of you each day.

I don’t know much about you
but I bet you like to play.

I don’t know just how big you are
but I know you’ve grown so much.

Don’t know the color of your hair
but I bet it’s soft to touch.

I don’t know what you look like
but you’re pretty - so I’m told.

If I could only see you smile
the sight would fill my soul.

I’ve never even heard your laugh
but I know I’d love the sound.

If I could only hold you once
I’m sure I’d come unwound.

I’ve never looked into your eyes
or wiped away a tear

And I may never get that chance
and this I truly fear.

I’ve loved you from the very start,
when I learned you were to be

But, I never thought to you I’d say
“Hi, sweetie – you don’t know me.”

I never dreamed we’d have no chance
to know or love each other

You’ll never know that I exist
but I am your grandmother.”

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