You Don’t Need to Thank Me

Mom, you don't need to thank me for everything I do,
Because in my heart I understand, I should be thanking you.

You taught me many lessons, to thine own self be true,
But to also have empathy for those who care for you.
Honesty and integrity, and work hard for what you want.
Family is everything, you should keep them in your heart.

Try not to take things too seriously, laugh whenever you can.
Each tomorrow is an opportunity for you to begin again.
Black eyes, bruises and a broken heart too,
You made me understand that helping each other's healing,
This is what families do.

Not all relationships will be good for you, know this from the start.
What really matters most in life is that you opened up your heart.
Friendships they will come and go, not all friends are true.
Hold on to those that are there for you, they are family too.

Countless things I'm thankful for and times along the way,
Growing up with you for a Mom, feeling loved every day.

So you see Mom, I will continue to care for you until your dying day,
And because of the way you raised me, I don't want it any other way.
Though you are getting older, a lot of living you've still to do,
Sit back and relax my dear Mother, and let us take care of you.

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