You don’t want to be anything other than yourself

Jacobs the King, a marvelous display of flowing elegance. He struggles with meeting the standards set upon him by his associates. But he has held fast and moves onwards, while he sets upon the path of many obstacles, he conquers each with wit and fortitude. Revel in his glorious presence! His greatness showers all with hope and awe, he raises the morale of his allies with unending grace and skill. He is truly great, yes… and yet, he is lost within himself, unable to find content with himself and within himself. He is confused and weary, alone and unmeasured. Is his magnificence a façade of false courage, plastic will, and flimsy resolve? He is doubtful he is, and despite his shortcomings of never-ending supply, they exist only in his eyes. His perspective is faulty and harsh, untrue to reality, it merely embodies the seeds of doubt he holds within himself. Seeds planted and nurtured over and over again, for he has never failed, never lost, never lost his grip on success. One who has never failed has never met with defeat, they have never reformed themselves with reinforcing courage. He who has never lost knows not how to get back up upon their feet, they have never been broken, never been mended stronger. They are unevolved, never strengthened, forever stagnant stale and superficial. He has walked but one path forever, with only one source, one view, one outlook on life, he is unable to adjust himself or make corrections. He who is strong is filled with weakness, one whose appearance shows weakness is built upon a solid foundation, their very core strengthened and fortified. Pain is teacher, struggles are guides, and character is formed in misery. Pressure forms diamonds, beautiful with wear, a stone in the ocean is smooth and clean. Jacob is an image of ourselves we all wish to become, but Jacob is a rock, a rock who has stayed a rock forever and will continue to do so. You are proof of your own success.

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A fluidity practice write for English class because I was bored during work session. Basically just write whatever word comes to your head and than the next and keep writing and your brain will form sentences