You Give Me

You give me the colors I now identify with,
you give me my feelings, but not until they're manipulated.
You give me memories of flowers, grass, sunshine and birds,
and mix them with the salty taste of my tears.
You give me a life that I never thought I would know.
You give me a rainbow, but you changed the colors.
You give me a sanctuary, but not before tainting it
with the smell of my own blood.
You give me my power, but not before taking it
and masking it with your own.
You give me a notebook but not before scrawling
your own thoughts in it, in the shape of my handwriting.
You give me a necklace you so kindly made,
but not before taking my own.
You give me decisions, at the top of the Washington Monument,
but not before reminding me that the one step I take alone
would probably be my last.
You give me my will, but not before reminding me that it is
less powerful than yours.
You give me a roadmap, but not the keys to my car.
You've given me all five stages of grief, but not
before telling me I must make the sixth.
You've given me nothing but confusion and fear,
but you only knew me for fifteen minutes.
You've given me enough pain to last a lifetime, and yet,
I don't even know your name.

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This Poems Story

"You Give Me" was a poem that I wrote and revised in a workshop setting, and was one of my crowning jewels of achievement from that session. It was written about a time in my life where not very much was going right, but while many think that this poem was written in a spur of negativity, that isn't true. I wrote this poem to whow my strength and resilience, but also to prove to myself that I was moving on, healing, and allowing myself to live my life again without the ghosts of my past haunting me.