You helped me become who I am today

My whole life you weren’t who you were supposed to be.
I bet you haven’t even changed.
You go by spending all your days
With the bottle to your face
Do you even know how much you hurt me?
Do you even care?
My whole childhood, you were never really there.
You threw away our relationship
The first time you downed that can.
Man you hit me so hard
I can still feel the sting of your hand.
Everyday I dreaded going home,
To where I thought I was supposed to belong.
You threw away my chance to grow up
Because you were hunched over a toilet throwing up.
You annihilated my trust and beat me.
You manipulated and destroyed me.
And honestly the funniest part about it all
Is that I still told you “I love you”
As you rolled your fists into a ball.
You were supposed to be my mom,
But turned out to be just someone I had to take care of.
You with no help threw my childhood away
Just so you could continue to play.
But thank you, in a way,
You helped me become who I am today.

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