You Hurt Me

You hurt me and the anger takes me
It starts out slow but quickly grows, the hate is all I see

It grabs my brain, I go insane
Vile thoughts flood, I taste the blood, I'm going to bring you pain

Still deep in my mind a glint of love shines
It tries to grow, the evil knows and vows to crush the reaching vines

The words spew if you only knew
The misplaced hate from hell's gate that's meant to injure you

Your smugness teases, my anger seizes
Hateful things the devil brings, it's my soul for which he reaches

But love's not gone, its power much too strong
Vines of love grow, the evil knows God will help me right this wrong

Love chokes it dead and with a calmer head
I lose the insanity and find my humanity, the evil is no longer fed

And in my shame I cry out your name
As the anger leaves, I clearly see the woman I love in pain

The hurt is replaced with God's unending grace
With open arms you forgive the harm and I feel your sweet embrace

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