You Just Got Robbed

They took it all away from you,
The ones who want to control you everyday.
From the messages you see on television,
To what you hear on the radio waves.
Causing you to become desensitized to the messages,
Controlling you as a whole as you lose a sense of yourself.
They'll cover up a bunch of other things,
Just to hand you their hidden agenda.
Congratulations you've been robbed of your mind,
Where you can no longer think for yourself.
Congratulations you've lost your voice,
You can no longer speak injustices in the world.
Congratulations you've lost your eye sight,
Turning a blind eye to what's really going on in front of you.
Congratulations you've been robbed of your soul,
Because you're willing to sell it to get what celebrities have.
Congratulations you've been robbed of what makes you who you are,
You should pickup the pieces of yourself, you're no longer human.

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This Poems Story

My inspiration to write my poem is the societal issues that we constantly deal with. We let too many things control us and we need to take that back as a human race. I see the world from a broader perspective and my goal is to get others to critically think about what's going on around them. I feel my thoughts translate well into poetry format and I enjoy writing since the age of thirteen. My goal is to storytell and stimulate people's minds daily.