You Lied

I'm striving to be the better person but the
constant reminder that I'm not adequate enough
makes me wonder what is the reason
why your speech is so rough
towards me.
I mean, each day I cry wanting to do better for mommy.
Her blood sugar keeps rising, while her heart keeps crying.
Feeling the pains of life, she realizes that after
four strokes and one heart attack
the unity in her little family is still not intact
as she expects it to be...
But my question to you is while you do what you do,
Why lie about the state you attend your school?
I appreciate your aiding and sacrifices, sincerely I do.
But why can't I feel the embrace of truth?
Because it is absent like wisdom is to a fool...

I'm writing my emotions, yearning to be an author,
But you demolish my ambitions,by your words I get slaughtered.
You say you support my going forth.
But when I march on towards my destination,
You pull the plug on me resulting in derision,
and frustration.
Why? You spoke with your mouth a support so surreal
but in actuality it was a staged play you put on
to hide what you conceal.
Dear liar,
You lied...

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