you linger in my morning coffee

As the coffee machine comes to a finish
I grab out my favorite white mug
I pour the hot coffee into the mug
And then I freeze
The deep brown color reminds me
Of old, simpler times, back to when I was happy
Those coffee colored eyes would be staring
Right back into mine. I can't look away
Not even when the steam burns
The longer I stare into the cup
The more of you, I see
Even if I said I miss you
Over one hundred times
It still wouldn't amount to how strongly
My heart aches for you
Those feelings swim around in my chest
Kind of like when I mix my caramel creamer
In with my coffee. The color turns lighter.
The more creamer I pour in
The more you get taken away from me
I pour until the liquid spills over the edge
Like how my tears spilled down my cheeks
The day I lost you.
Maybe I shouldn't make coffee

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