You Love Me but You Hate Me

Your words say that you love me
At times your actions curse my existence
Simply intrigued by the idea of me
Someone who bends to your will
Drizzles chocolate on your ice cream cone
If you could undo everything with the flick of a switch
You'd erase, wipe the slate clean, choose differently
If only you loved me in spite of my imperfections
The result would be
Something magical, spiritual, beyond comprehension
Like a double negative in a sentence
Two plus two equating five
Or multiplying a negative with a positive
And still coming up with a positive
The more you see me
You despise me
So you push, press, insist
On perpetuating a life of complacence
But for me that's not living
It's simply existing
And I'd rather have my flesh ripped from my muscles
Bleed until there is nothing left
My bones shattered into one thousand pieces
Than to roam this planet a shell of my former self

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