You Make Me Better

One minute you’re here, the next minute you’re not
And the longer you’re gone, the more my heart rots
Can’t you see that I’m dying from the inside out?
I’m so frustrated that I want to cry, scream and shout

People don’t know how to sympathize; they only see their own pain
People won’t empathize because they won’t let others explain
People say I’m fine but how can they tell by looking at me?
I guess it’s because people see what they want to see
It’s just sad people never see what they should
Maybe if they looked carefully it would do us all some good

I’m so angry and fed up that I could snap and kill
But nobody wants to help you get through this; they’d just rather give you a pill
Yet why does life have to be so hard and people so ugly?
Please don’t try to fix me, I just want somebody to hug me
Alas, being happy and loved is not always the case
Forget it I don’t need anybody, just get out of my face!

Oh who am I kidding? I need that one person who makes my problems go away
I need that one person, who with a single smile, can brighten my day
That one person who I love and who actually loves me back
That one person who understands me and cuts me some slack

I’m fortunate enough to have such a person in my life
And I hope one day I’ll be able to make her my wife

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