You Make Me Feel

By Reverie   

Being by your side for nearly all our lives
has been the greatest gift of all
Being the shoulder you cry on
The guy you confide in
Your partner in crime
And lifelong friend
Has made me the happiest man of all
Even amidst a mob of men
You have a way of making me feel
Like the only guy in the world.
No matter how much I try
to hide it
to occult it
to hinder it
These feelings I have for you
It still shines through
When our fingers touch
I can feel the sparks are there
And when our gazes meet
The chemistry's flying through the air
Being right by your side
I feel I can take on the world
Knowing that right by me
Is the most precious of the Pearls
We see the sunrise everday
It does not compare
Neither does the sunset, the colors
Electrifying the air
You are one of a kind
The only person to make me feel
How my heart warms and quickens
At your mere presence, love is real.
When I get to hold you in my arms
and protect you from harm
Or just throw myself into your gracious eyes
I never deny it,
but I try to hide it,
The fact that I love you.

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This Poems Story

From the guy's perspective, realizing his own feelings within his heart. A man's love is passionate is steadfast. To capture a man's heart entirely is to have a lifelong friend for eternity.