You & Me

By Caleb   

You have nothing for me that I would love to take.
You have nothing for me to fill up on for both our sakes.
You have nothing for me that's worth either one, of our time.
I'm better off searching Google for more words that rhyme.

You have nothing that proves we were ever supposed to do the math.
You have nothing that shows we were ever one in love with any one path.
You have nothing that brings me to the surface from the deep.
I'm better off switching from smartphone to paper tablet, in an effort to keep
sanity in it's place,
wonder outside of the maze,
stability in every class itself.
I will never bow down to your remains, those that I have left.

You may consider it all your lonely fault
an earthquake of discomfort hardly noticed to shout out stop, don't move, nor halt.
Consider every name you said that I am and did not hear.
I am the one who gave you the benefit of doubt, now you are clear
invisibility aside,
admittance belongs to help acceptance in the mind.
I can only imagine what you do have,
that truthfully isn't mine
you may keep it,
along with tapping on my shoulders for no reason.
You will get me one day,
now tap that while belieiving me.

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This Poems Story

You & Me is a poem about a lack of communication, communication that is focused on in strange, unusual ways. Without the actuality of knowing who is communicating with who, no one can really say anything.