You & Me are like Sid and Nancy

True day is a sweet taste
I could go swimming in my hysteria
Like that of the taste of forbidden fruit right off the tree, there’s a rush of adrenaline in knowing that consequences will be provided
Eyes bloodshot from the silent way I get to know myself better
I’m falling into a giant ball pit
because you’re no longer watching the world burn by my side
I never did take the time to count the tiles on the ceiling until you gave me room to breathe
Breathing; never a pleasant feeling for the insomniac side of me
Reassuring me that the voices aren't real
I took two Prozacs mixed with a couple shots of gin
Hopelessly wishing- no, dreaming- that you hadn't left your scent on these walls
the scent a constant reminder of “never again”
“You’re like a drug I can’t stay away from,” you said to me that night beneath the stars,
“Boys like you shouldn't exist for people like me.”
So different from each other yet so the same
I didn't stand a chance to your cold embrace
I wanted to; I wanted you
But these memories merely reflect what has ceased to be
Proverbs said that the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
though I hate to agree
And that makes you and me an undead history
So, please Let us go back to yesterday
For there is no tomorrow…when you never sleep

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