You Name It

My heart is in agony. My pulse is racing.
There's this queasy feeling at the pit of my stomach.
My thighs are shaking.
I just want you, baby. Can I have you, baby?
Can you take this emptiness from my heart and fill it with your love?
Can you turn that queasiness into butterflies?
Can you soothe my shake with a firm grip from your hands?
Can I have you, baby? I just want you, baby.

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This Poems Story

I've always kept my writings to myself, in fear that my words could never be good enough for the world to see. Writing has always come easy to me; words flow from my brain like water from a faucet--that is unless, I'm actually trying. My words aren't always tied to how I'm feeling like most writers. This is why I love writing so much. It gives me the freedom to be lost in whatever world my pen creates. I found the courage to submit a writing of mine into a contest and now you're reading it! I'm not sure if my words will ever speak to the masses, but I'm no longer afraid of trying. No matter your fears, try anyway. You can never know how spectacular you are until you stop hiding and allow your truth to be seen.