You promised

You said you would always be there for me.
You said that you cared, what happened?
What happened to all those "I love you's"
The way I believed you meant every word.
I was too naive to realize all those times.
You never loved me, but I couldn't care.
You were like heroin, so bad yet so addicting.
I always wondered if you thought about me at night.
I lied in bed with a smile hoping you were.
The first time you hurt me, I felt shattered.
I felt like my heart was torn to pieces in front of me.
Then it felt like a repeating cycle, but I kept it in.
I felt trapped, I felt used, I felt numb.
I wanted to let you go, so bad.
Yet I let you walk all over me like I was dirt.
I let you play me like I was a board game.
I was blinded by what I thought was love.
I let you tear me down with every breathe you took.
But I didn't care, you said you loved me.
You said you cared about me.
You said you didn't want anyone else.
You promised you wouldn't leave me.
But you broke all your promises.
You broke my trust.
You broke me

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