Like the sun that gives light;
When too much brings drought;
is love that when spoils;
becomes a poison to soul.
I cried when you screamed;
I was put blamed on the voices in your head.
You pull me to kiss you
And push me hard to the wall.
Over and over again.
I am bruised, but when I speak a word;
You feel misunderstood;
What’s going on ?
You pushed me too hard to push you back;
Push you back to make you stop.
I can no longer hold back;
You call it love ?
Why I am all in pain?
Those hands are supposed to hold me close;
Not push me farther.
Now we are both in pain;
And separately walked in vain.
Your heart loves me;
But your fear of love kills me.


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This Poems Story

This story is about a very popular yet silent kind of love where two people love's each other but their fears kills each other. Sadist or Masochist, love is love, and sometimes it can give us pain.