You (revised)

You penetrated me with everything that is you,
infecting me with your genuineness ,
transmitting me with your quick wit
and while your creativity seeped through my pores,
reality emulsified anticipating your departure.
I wrapped my arms around you and when you returned my hug I felt you falling apart,
naively hoping that if I squeezed hard enough I'd put you back together...
suffocation wasn't intentional.
Now you're so far away,
and I stir in the question of whether I should drink your words in concentrate form
or whether they are subconsciously watered down with other words.
"You are amazing" likely dissipates to a glass of "You fit words together nicely."
I am a pessimist in an optimist's warm coat
and I'm tired of playing scrabble out here in the cold
because empty words are no longer in my vocabulary.
I'm all out of letters,
but I'm searching for a W,H,O,L, and an E.

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