You Step Up When I Needed You

You came into my life in a time of need,
My heartache was conspicuous , my soul was in the lead.
I was lost and alone, nothing quite felt desirable,
But you were there to make me laugh, day or night.

You may not be my real dad, but you showed me love.
You've shown me love in a million different ways.
You're there to pick me up when I am down,
To wipe away my sadness and make me stand tall.

You teach me things my real dad never did,
And show me the world like a good father would.
You're there to lend a helping hand, or an ear,
To listen when I my mind starts to play tricks on me.
I never thought it possible to feel so much love,
But you've shown me that it's not a reserve of,
Just one person, or one bloodline,
You've shown me that love can be mystical.

So keep your head up, for all that you do,
For showing me love that's pure as rain drop and so true.
You may not be my real dad, but that's just a name,
You've shown me family love, just the same.

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