You told me

You told me you loved me,
as you snuck a sweet glance at her,
You said you were out with your friends,
I found her lipstick stain on your shirt,
I never mentioned it to you but,
I also found her necklace in the car,
You told me you were sorry,
but you did it again,
Somehow you find a way to make me forgive you,
and you do the same thing again and again,
She called your phone at 3am but I didn't wake you,
Ten minutes later she texted that she loves you,
About five minutes after that I packed my bags and left,
Now I am done with all your stories, done with all your lies,
When I first met you I felt butterflies,
Now I get sick of just looking in your eyes,
This is not a heart break for me,
This is my goodbye,
It is simply just God telling me that I deserve a much better guy,
Now I am single,
I am free as a bird,
Don't worry about me,
Believe me. I'll be okay,
It was nice knowing you,
I have nothing left to say.

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