Our Love Shall Remain True

You hacked my page to get my number,
Trying to tear our love asunder,
But I knew my man better than that,
It is not in his nature to cheat,
Steal or in any way mistreat,
Do remember that you lied to him,
Causing any hope for a future to dim,
And now you regret hurting this wonderful man,
So you attack the better woman,
Hoping she's weak,
Praying she will leave,
I have news for you sweetie,
Weakness of love has never been in me,
My love for him is too strong,
And shall last our whole lives long,
Our love is way to deep,
To be destroyed by your lies so cheap,
Go ahead and sleep on me,
But over time you will see,
If you haven't already,
That my love for him will remain steady,
And his love for me will too,
Stupid girl we are stuck like gorilla glue,
You cannot erase,
That costly mistake,
It just sucks to be you,
Because our love will always remain true,
Till death do us part we vowed,
You will always fail when you try to tear our love down.

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This Poems Story

My mans ex tried to split us apart. As you can see her attempts failed miserably. We are still together and getting stronger as a couple each day.