You undressed her body, not her mind

Just like any other day , she bloomed on the streets with her cracked ankles covered by some good pair of sandals,
No blush on cheeks, but the work glow showing the most bewitching side of her..
Like a bud with hundreds of petals, she layered herself with fabrics
Wrapped and wrapped and wrapped..
But was unknown that it would take a few minutes for the monsters , not to rip off her clothes , but the invisible dream laden wings on her back
You shattered her world like there was never a one to her, disgraced her body like it never belonged to her, stole her dreams like they were never fantasized by her...
She was a warrior , for she was alone to fight against those demons..
She tried , she cried , she defied
But her words left unheard and body sinned like hell
At that moment she felt like she was the feeblest one,
As there was nothing left in her now,
Neither shame nor tears..
You were the reason she withered,
And you will be the reason she will bloom now,
For a lotus too needs a pond of mud to show it's most beguiling side.....

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