you used to call me bunny

take me down to the lake
where the water is tainted with
red moon stained tears
and the sound of humming rages like fire
but this time don’t shoot
don’t shoot
at the rabbits coming from there burrows
searching for scraps of nutrients
don’t shoot at the sparrows
in there attempts to fly
sit here with me
as i recollect the time
you filled my mouth with blood
reminding me of that rabbit you shot
telling me there dead
No use in bringing them back
from there lakeside graves
decked in morning dew
and salty tears
no use thinking of how they could of lived
in there red stained coats
for the outcome would carry the same burdon
no use regretting having cut wilting flowers
choking on that blood
that one ice piercing winter's night
you reminded me that
there is no use regretting the words i choked on
no use regretting the moon stained words
i love you

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