“You Walk In Darkness”

You walk into darkness,
all thoughts mislead.
The farther you walk,
the darker it gets.

The more scared you are,
the more you're lost.
I have forgotten--
Forgotten my way...

No light, just darkness.
No stars no moon,
no light to keep you going.
Weaker than you thought,

your pace is much slower.
You walk on past every dark shadow,
past every wall you think you see.
Thoughts seem to drift to nothingness,

your mind seems to wonder.
You see to be drifting away--
Away from the living,
away from the world.

Yet you're still walking,
into darker, denser areas.
Areas you can't see to recignize,
nor do you care anymore.

You're so lost,
yet you know this.
You walk on and on,
not like you notice anything.

"It doesn't matter."
You think to much,
but when you stop thinking,
is when you will go crazy.

In your own littlee world,
soon to be filled with purple, paper flowers.

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