You Will Be Free

Each night I lie awake, breath heavy with the midnight air;
I tell myself to take a break, blaming yourself isn't fair.
It is he who stole from you, your joy and your innocence;
Now you feel inherently blue, and question your existence.

It is not your fault, nor is this the end;
You never asked for this assault, or chose to pretend.
I know it may not seem like it, but soon you will be okay;
You will no longer feel like a counterfeit, carrying on in dismay.

You will break through your apprehensions, ones fabricated from fear;
Although you continue to feel dissension, happiness is near.
That little girl, now lost in rue, once honest and carefree;
Is still here, routing for you, to be who you truly want to be.

You will find the path you are destined to take,
Doors will open for you my dear;
Releasing you from heartache, and what you truly fear.
Now you know, you are you, that is all you need to be.

Keep your heart always true, I promise, you will be free.

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