You will never understand

Look into my eyes so you see all of what my heart and soul Has made known
Tell me what can you see or do you even understand what my world has shown
If you see but still there's nothing, you are not looking at all even though you say that you have been through all of my struggles, even know all of my pain
Try walking in my shoes as you see everything this world has shown me
Could you suffer in this pain and survive all of what my life has endured
There are so many scars all over my body they have been there since the day I first believed my life was over
And that's the day all of my hell began
Something awful happened along the way my once peaceful and happy childhood was taken away
As I continue this life as it fades farther and farther away from me, trying so hard to completely forget
As our world constantly does all that's possible to take my life as I fight with everything in me so hard to keep
The light that's burning inside of me Will not ever burn out, forever my strength will always be what brings me to this brand new Road I will travel along the way
Only then at that moment will you begin to feel my struggle and pain
That's when you can for once finally understand
When all this torture and suffering first began

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No one can even begin to understand me