your not the person that i knew back then
everytime we talk,we wind up arguing again
im not that weak girl i was before
so make your desicion before i walk out the door
Do you love me,or hate me?
your confused and it frustrates me
the way youve changed isnt a good one
what do i say,what have you done?
Your nothing but a hollow,another damned clone
and you just keep going,nothing but a drone
when will you open your eyes and see
what your doing is killing me
And this numbness inside is so alive
im finding it harder to run and hide
its taking me over,i try not to scream defeat
but when i get away,i fall to my knees
this misery is slowly tearing me apart
and the only way to get away is to tear out my heart
so what do i do,what do i say?
how can i make this pain go away
will you make up your mind
or do i leave hyou behind
Can you open your hollowed eyes
or will you forever be blind to my heart-felt cries?

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