I know I can, I know I should
And when I will, you’ll wish you could…
You could've accepted me for who I was
Could have understood the silence beyond those walls.
Maybe I never hated you,
Was just too scared to hurt you.
Maybe I wasn't shutting you out,
Was just hiding myself in.
I wasn't reticent, didn't build those walls
Because even if I didn't, I knew...
You wouldn't hear my calls.
You were so quick to decide
That I was lost in my pride.
Maybe, I never tried to tell you,
Maybe you never would've heard.
Now we're all grown
But you still wear that frown
And I’ll never know why or when did that innocence die?
Remember when we counted stars, talked of the unknown?
Alas not, those days are long gone.
They fed us this hate, we were still young their bait,
They said "for 'me' to flourish, 'them' should perish".
As together we pace, let's end this race.
It's not you and it's not me to to take the blame,
But let’s just make it ours.

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