Young Black Mother

Young black mother
Just starting to get it together
Trying to find love thinking things will get better
When trying to find yourself is what you needed really
Everything was cool when he planted his seed in your belly
Nine months later life done a 180
Trying to put a face on to appear happy
But inside you plead to be free
You smile while you denying your PTSD
When you’re alone all you want to do is scream
Having a child opens your eyes to everything
You can’t lose hope don’t you see
That little face smiling, waiting for u to succeed
Depending on you to give them everything they need
It’s a tough job yes indeed
Social media got everybody thinking this shit is easy
Gotta rush back to work
Just after you gave birth
Nobody understands how that shit hurt
Not even being able to bond, with the human you just brought onto this earth
Young black mother you are stronger than you know
So never let those dreams go
Let them grow, let them flow.
Young Black mother you have the brightest glow
Love yourself and take the rest in slow
Remember without you there is no show
To your child you are the only God they know
To you they hold all of their trust
To love them and teach them life
Is a must!
We are more than just young black mothers
We are stronger than a lot of the others
We carry them for nine months and more
In our arms on our backs till their feet are strong enough to stand on the floor
We are the ones who open the doors for them
The proud black woman behind these strong black men
That create these strong black children
Young black mother
You will get it together
But for now fix your crown
And wear your frown proud

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This Poems Story

I am a 90's baby. I am a Black Woman, who at the age of 22 found out she was 5 months pregnant. An now at the age of 24 with my beautiful one year old, I'm realizing that there's is more to life than just working to sustain. There will always be heart break, there will always be bills. But can you find happiness. A lot of young mothers specifically Black young mothers, feel that because they have a child they're lives are over. That the dreams they once had can't be achieved. I wrote this because I don't want life to continue with Black Mothers losing hope, and thinking that it's their children fault.