Young Men and Their Struggles

Thinking back to on humanity...

When young men who couldn't make it start to stand,
Hues of eclipsed foreboding block out their vast possibilities.
Clear skies darkened with the ideas of the forgotten insecurities,
And yet things still become easier..

With eyes wide open the grey skies turn gold.
Those clouds of unwanted rain and sadness begin to fade.
The sun begins to radiate torridity into the world,
The flames of life burn bright for tomorrow's yesterday,
Wielding loves passionate glow.

Darkness begins to fade away,
As light heals the tattered body of illness.
Discord exchanged for order,
Adoration exchanged for new determination.
Agony forgotten as peace coincides.

Rays of hope begin rejuvenating all entities from within,
Joy tarnishes all feelings of negativity.
Pleasant are the illuminations that stirs the sleeping,
Awake and a live bliss brings fortune to the new day.
Shining brighter and brighter,
Waking souls with its luminescent brights.

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