Young Travelers

Two little girls went on a journey far away...
After traveling hours and hours,
They landed on an island covered in fragrant flowers.
This country they had never seen was The Philippines!
The island they landed on was named Palawan.
Those little girls freely roamed,
where crabs tickled toes and the green sea foamed.
They sped past billy goats and tiny bamboo boats.
But the best treasures of them all,
were the tiny sea turtle eggs found at nightfall.
The girls waited each evening for the eggs to hatch,
counting each egg in their batch.

The sun set, pink to rose, to purple to navy,
finally the blackest black you'll ever see.
Stars from far and near were here in the last frontier.

Dozing off to a deep sleep, the sisters heard a peep,
They whispered from their shared bed,
"The turtles are going out to the sea!" they said!
Their mother softly caressed their sleepy heads,
"Sea Turtles hatch and away they go,
but they always return to the beach they know.
Go all around this wide world.
Then come back in years to come,
See it with your little ones."

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