Young Women

Young Women

Young women are described as property or objects in the eyes of an animal
That preys on the weak and feeds on the innocent
Stripping them down to the nitty gritty of the virtue that they hold

Young women are often accused or ridiculed for their appearance they put out in the world
Not knowing why the eyes of the beholder is the one who decides their worth which either builds them up or tears us down

Young women today are judged not only on the way they dress but what you wear like; the skirt you wear is to short or you're the shirt is too tight
Walking down a street with beast eyes eyeballing their every move

Young women are set on a high pedestal by the ones who make their lives more difficult just to Be a girl having double standards on how a young lady should or shouldn’t
Act or react to the things said to our faces
The rules writing in the minds of the so called “perfect” isn’t a standard which we should be at the most high

Young women should be able to walk down a street without being ridiculed
Being able to be whomever we please to be
Knowing it ok to wear that outfit because it shouldn’t matter what they say
Young women today are strong independent women who will set up generations to come
For the one who come after
They will know to be who they want to be

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