Younger Eyes

I remember when I was a little kid,
Everything seemed so easy,
Now I'm older and life seems to have no lid,
I'm drowning and no one sees,
I remember when I used to sleep because I was tired,
Now I sleep to escape,
Now I see life as a place without peace,
Yet no one cares enough to try to relate,
Life is like an open road that keeps winding,
It is an unending pattern of disappointment,
When I was a kid I never thought it would be like this,
Now i see why my older siblings were always pissed,
I am sure that my mom will always be missed,
I can't promise that I can make it through life with clean wrists,
See in life there will be hurt,
Don't get lost in a guy that claims he's more than what you deserve,
Because in the end it's all dirt,
No matter how much you want to die,
You must hide what you truly feel inside,
Because if people were to know how much you have cried,
You will sit there in stupidity wondering why,
Why life isn't as clear as you thought with your younger eyes,
Now I'm sitting here wanting to die, because in the end,
We're all scared to fly.

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