Your Chapter in my Story

Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud
And if I did
It would be titled Addiction
And it would be all about you
Because when no one else was there you saved me
Sewed me back together with your words
My once gaping wounds now scars
You fixed me
But you also broke me
In a way I’ve never been broken before
You cared about me
You brought me happiness
New music
Self confidence
But, you also brought me
Sleepless nights
Panic attacks
And a bout of problems even my therapist won’t touch
You would of though
You were always touching me
If we were near you had to have my hand
Or my knee
Or the small of my back
I found peace in your words and a home in your arms
I was addicted to you
I am addicted to you
And I don’t know how to get you out of my veins
My smile
My tears
I can’t escape you
I’ve lied awake so many nights
I’m used to the lack of sleep
I lost ten pounds in four days and everyone just congratulates me
“Heartbreak suites you”, they say
I’m like any other addict
You took away my fix
And I’m self destructing
Because without you time has no meaning
And I’m simply just existing
But it’s not enough to keep me going
I’ve found other methods
And I understand that you no longer care
So I skip this chapter
Because if I don’t read it
And you don’t read it
It’s like it never existed
And it’s probably better off that way

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