Your colleagues are not your friends

Smile and nod, but never reveal,
The secrets that you closely conceal,
Colleagues, they may seem like friends,
But be wary of where the friendship ends.

They are not there to lend an ear,
Or wipe away a single tear,
They are not there to be your confidant,
Just coworkers doing their job, nonchalant.

Trust not in the words they say,
For they may just lead you astray,
Your personal life is not their concern,
They will not hesitate to watch you burn.

So keep your distance, guard your heart,
For in the office, it's every man for his part,
Colleagues may smile and make a fuss,
But remember, they will throw you under the bus.

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  1. Becca June

    This was beautiful. I love the way you rhyme things. This was really really great.

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