Your Daughter

Know one understands me, I ask them a question and
they stare blankly.
I ask again but they just seem to disappear.
Then I realize there's one that did not stray, one that
knows what I do day by day.
One that knows how many hairs are on my head.
He knows my life the author of a book.
One who sees through my imperfections, one who lets me be me
without any hesitation.
He writes with me in my testimony, saying,
"See there was a reason for your pain and suffer.
Because it led you to Me.
It led you to My word My truth My reason for you.
One of the many images of Me."
He tells me I'm beautiful when I want to hide from mirrors.
He tells me to wait for marriage and I obey because I believe
in His way.
He tells me when a mother and father is not there, He is there.
He tells me He forgives my sins, and loves my heart.
Isn't He great? Isn't He amazing?
The reason for the beats of my heart, the air in my lungs.
Isn't He loving?
My savior! My lover! My eternal father! My God!

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