Your Day Will Soon Come

All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
The hateful deceit you showed in front of me
Me standing here thinking that you were the key
Finding out the truth I fall straight down on my knees

In the dark for so long and all along you were there in front of me
The sword you plunged deep into my heart
Trying to reach the sword in the center of my back
Your hands there I'm trying to prevent the next attack

How you changed over a quick amount of time
Never understand why I bet you don't even know what was my crime
Jealous of my success and what I've become
The only thing you live for now is to see me become undone

But I'm glad to say that will never happen
You'll have to grieve in the manner of the old-fashioned
Forever keeping it bottled up inside you silently
Your ugliness and misery for all the world to see

Countless people I'm sure you've done this to
Not even knowing why you absolutely have no clue
You will see what your life will become
Dying alone with tears running down your face
I don't even have to worry karma will put you in your place

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