Your Eyes

I remember your handsome face with small wrinkles
I remember the small thorns that grew from it
I remember the sweet tangy smell of you
A mixture of cologne and cigarettes, it lingers
But times has mixed it with scents that weren't there
Mint, fresh air, grass and ginger now evade yours
Your silky masculine touch, evident in my soul
Has disappeared completely from my skin
I can no longer feel your embrace and whiskered kisses
I hear your smooth whiskey voice calling me Babydoll
I hear your throaty dry laugh
I see your smile, you always smiled
My mind fights a war for memories
Pushing past smoke and tanks
Just to come back with gravel and a chipped frame
Part of me hates the other because of this
And I die inside-
From failure to retrieve the full memory of you
You, the only grandfather I've ever known
My first love, my protector, long dead
Tears penetrate the neckline of my shirt
And I fight and fight for more memories
For something more than what I hold in my suffocating chest
We all eventually have disappearing memories
But I never thought I would forget your eyes

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