Your eyes mirror Me, not me!

“O silhouette of glass! You embark on nescient ways,
For transparent you are, in nocuous shades,” they say;
The trysts found in your eyes; lost like a winter dew
And the scars that mark you true, seek to define You.

The blithe droplets of You have laved my face;
Perhaps your hues left a trail for me in this maze;
Resplendent boulevards in you, zircons paint my canvas!
“Beware of this ambrosia!” They arrant in vain.

But the Knight of Night fears not its embrace,
To the blossoms in your heart, mine is the vase.
A scintilla familiar, in this foreign azure, I see;
In orbs of gold, fed with ichor, I see reflected; Me!

They echo all the shivers and treacherous colours
In what I say and do, both ecstasy and dolour;
Espy I at the lies and tweaked truths burning my page
And gaze at the quidnunc, broken promise; no sage!

And yet in it, I see the silhouette true- My own visage,
Hark I the nocturnes of the Phoenix in the water cage.
These orbs anchor in tempest A True Mirror, I know
This Hiraeth shows not What Is but Could Be, Singer
Of the True Me that never was; is and always shall be!

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