Your fault

It started with a hug that turned
into a time when happiness was our ordinary.
Where pineapple blanket
conversations took all day.
Watching the filtered sunlight bounce off your eyelashes and hit those blue eyes with a sparkle that quickly turns to sky
while we draw imaginary lines only just to cross them.
Impossible to draw you close enough, the ground falls away.
Legs intwined, like the trees behind us, just waking up from their winter slumber.
fingers entangled in the curls of your hair that's been begging to be touched since I first saw you.
Mouths not nearly explored. Lips waiting to collide again.
Scruff that has always been just for me
Hands that are just a little bit unkept, learning every dip and curve of my outline.
My hands frame your face to better hear words made with that caramel voice, that sooth my soul and linger in the warm spring air just a little longer than they should. Only to be followed by that smile. The one that is my undoing. I am undone. And it's all your fault.

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