Your Grandma Is Sick

One year left to live,
And she asked,
“What Would Jesus Do?”
Cut the heart open
And see the disease
That killed her
“Your heart is weak”
They told her,
But it wasn’t true
She was strong,
Stronger than the rest,
She choose to fight
When she could’ve tapped out
A long, long time ago
Her family would’ve understood,
She was in pain,
Yet she kept on
Until her last breath came and went
Her heart was diagnosed, “weak,”
But I knew that woman
As one Heaven-bound fighter
Going down in the books as tough
Overriding the logic of the doctors
Because her Spirit triumphed
One year left to live,
And she said,
“Let’s do this”
Before she hit her deathbed,
And she now rests in God’s hands.

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