Your Heart Rises

The mountain lurks in the background
The pen drags across her pieces of paper
White canopies line the pathway
Black ink stains horizons down the pages
The smaller Mecca’s tops point upward
All rising to that higher mountain
What a challenge!
We’re here planting new gardens
I can arrange that if you’ll just smile
I can arrange that if you’ll make me one promise
Promise me you’ll find happiness
There’s a place for you in this World happening
Find your heart
In your chest
It still beats
Use your mind
In the chaos
It still thinks
What a challenge!
Here we are growing new gardens
All over our bodies, dead plants are turned into new ones
Dead hearts awaken in the Sunshine
The rottenness bubbles up into evaporation
A full heart with decaying spots
Your left with a bunch of holes
But not empty-handed

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