Your Highness, Toast

And be truthful sweetie, in the end what do you want? a city
of ashes in which you gravefully flaunt?
pshh baby please, save me the amusement at ease flatter yourself
with pearls and diamonds,yet in the end the storm still
coincides with a riot and you my love,you are
death itself turning everything to bits youre living hell
oh darling, sweet darling of my shot of whisky
and bottle of wine what exactly is it you desire a
ready made deception although youre truly fire
i seen the blaze inside your eyes heart stone cold
yet its no surprise contradicting manipulation
at its finest lets raise our glasses and put on a smile to say,
''thank you your highness'' only to look away in such
disgust presume our conversations of desire and misled
''love'' oops i meant lust the dark demented voices so
perky and cheerful one closer look is the same as an earful
oh by the grace of God, your highness, get off your rump and step
down from your ego we all know your screwing the whore in the
corner shame isn't it so evil a mouthful to chew is it not
or it that the poison you drunk now its just caught it your throat
like a knot sure despise my words of intellect confuse it
with your own gullible lies so u can sleep in ur bed and as
your demons prey your mind im sure you'll think the blame is
mine but my King i need not platinum nor gold rings I'm fine with
you being eaten alive by your own soul and if truth be told
I'll satisfy myself with a kiss on ur lips bitter sweet.
poison yet again that is.

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